Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mini Vacation to Lake Davis

Last week we took a last minute mini vacation to a small resort by Lake Davis. It was a really beautiful place- it had a pool and spa, a 6 hole golf course, a big forest, a fishing pond and cute little cabins. The cabin we stayed in backed up to the golf course and volley ball court and the kids had a great time playing out there. We took Grandpa's fishing boat- John and Ben went out fishing two days, but didn't catch any fish! Ben still had a great time out on the lake. The second day Heidi went along while Kate and I packed up the cabin (we decided to check out a day early because we weren't sleeping too well!) and Ben blamed his sister for not catching fish. He said, "The sisters are too loud- they scare away the fish". Kate started walking quite a bit while we were there and loved pushing her walker around on the green. We had a fun time, but were reminded how much work it is to travel with a 5, almost 3 and 1 year old!

The view outside of our cabin

Ben and Heidi waiting to go into our cabin

Checking in- Kate had a tough car ride!

She's walking!

Dad and Kate swimming

Our cabin

Kate walking

Heidi was very entertained in the sand

Ben and Heidi used the water from the coolers to build a sand castle


Ben and Heidi in the fishing boat. Ben got a new stringer- his favorite toy for the trip!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Busy Saturday!

We had a busy day today. This morning Ben had a swim meet at the Granite Bay pool and thankfully our babysitter, Bekah watched the girls for us because it was really HOT! Ben was very excited because his cousins came to watch him swim. He did well today- he completed all his races without stopping on the side. He got a best time in freestyle and may have in backstroke, but we never got his official time. The last two meets he has done really well and is having FUN! After the swim meet we went over to the Galleria for the grand opening of the new Disney Store because Mickey and Minnie were there. Unfortunately, the line was really long and after waiting in it for about a half hour we gave up and just went by the stage and waved at them. Heidi was very concerned because she really wanted Mickey to see her dress. Mickey waved at them so she was satisfied. Then we got some ice cream instead! Dad and Mom both made it to the gym this afternoon and now Dad and Ben are back at the pool for the Flick and Float. Heidi and Kate are enjoying their blow up pools on the deck while I type on this nice WARM evening- summer is HERE!!!

Look how cute Allie is in her sunglasses and halter top

Ben is ready to go!

Getting ready to dive in for freestyle

Andrew, Luke and Ben

Such good buddies!

Ben and Luke by the record board

Waiting in line to see Mickey and Minnie

Heidi wants to join the swim team!

Watermelon Exploration

Aunt Leslie created a great summer activity plan for us and this week was fruit and veggies week. Yesterday for fruit and veggies week, we explored a watermelon and the kids had so much fun. We smelled it, touched it, guessed how many inches around it was, put cards in order of growth, cut string to measure the circumference, put it in water to see if it would sink or float and cut it up. I gave Ben and Heidi each an end of the watermelon in a pan with a spoon and butter knife and they spent a long time cutting it up. Ben kept saying, "Okay Heidi, now let's explore this". Kate explored the watermelon by eating it!

Heid's ABC's

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fairytale Town

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids for a little trip to Fairytale town in Sacramento. They had fun running around, going on the slides, looking at the animals and having snow cones. Snow cones was Ben's favorite part- he carried that thing around the whole time as you can see from the pictures. The other favorite was the roosters. The kids thought they were so funny. We are really enjoying having Dad home more for the summer after our crazy spring!

3 little cuties in the king chair. You can have birthday parties in this room. Heidi asked Ben, "Benny, you want your birthday party here?" Ben answered, "Maybe next year Heidi." I love to listen to the conversations they have now; it's so cute.

Heidi was trying to hang onto Baby Kate for the picture, but she would not cooperate

Sitting by the little minnow pond.

Guess what Ben wanted to do? "Dad, do you think you can catch one of these with your hands?"

Cutest Wizard of Oz characters ever

Ben with his snow cone in the Cinderella carriage

Sherwood Forest

This is as far as Heidi got on the crooked road before she freaked out and Dad had to rescue her

Kate and Dad- she is definitely a Daddy's girl. She must say "Daddy" a hundred times a day!

Watching the pennies go down the Wishing well was very entertaining

Here are the roosters the kids loved!

Silly faces :)

Silly kids waiting in the car for Dad to check in the Sequoia at the Toyota dealer. I was entertaining them by taking silly pictures. Aren't they a cute bunch?