Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mini Vacation to Lake Davis

Last week we took a last minute mini vacation to a small resort by Lake Davis. It was a really beautiful place- it had a pool and spa, a 6 hole golf course, a big forest, a fishing pond and cute little cabins. The cabin we stayed in backed up to the golf course and volley ball court and the kids had a great time playing out there. We took Grandpa's fishing boat- John and Ben went out fishing two days, but didn't catch any fish! Ben still had a great time out on the lake. The second day Heidi went along while Kate and I packed up the cabin (we decided to check out a day early because we weren't sleeping too well!) and Ben blamed his sister for not catching fish. He said, "The sisters are too loud- they scare away the fish". Kate started walking quite a bit while we were there and loved pushing her walker around on the green. We had a fun time, but were reminded how much work it is to travel with a 5, almost 3 and 1 year old!

The view outside of our cabin

Ben and Heidi waiting to go into our cabin

Checking in- Kate had a tough car ride!

She's walking!

Dad and Kate swimming

Our cabin

Kate walking

Heidi was very entertained in the sand

Ben and Heidi used the water from the coolers to build a sand castle


Ben and Heidi in the fishing boat. Ben got a new stringer- his favorite toy for the trip!

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